Marshall Monitor II ANC Troubleshooting

Chance is you got here because your pair of cool-looking headphones are dead, or the LED is blinking in a way that is not documented.

I was unfortunate to receive a faulty pair of these headphones twice, and the internet wasn’t that helpful when I was looking to troubleshoot.

So, here are some things you might encounter:

The battery is faulty. When you open the box, headphones should come precharged (~40%), and you should be able to turn them on immediately.

Working pair of headphones will have LED constantly showing a red, yellow, or green light and will never blink while plugged in.

There’s nothing you can do - reset won’t work, and hard reset won’t work. Return the headphones.

2) Left or right ear cup has a crackling noise.

I’ve noticed a crackling noise on my pair when I first bought them. I discovered that some other people had the same problem and returned the headphones. You might not need to.

I’m not sure if “warming up” is a thing, but after listening to music for 5-10 hours on various levels of volume, the crackling noise disappeared.

3) Left or right ear cup has a weird wind sound when ANC is on.

When I turned the ANC on without any music playing, there was a whooshing sound in my left ear cup.

Go to your marshall app, and play around with ANC levels, setting it lower and higher, and turning it on and off a few times. That should do the trick!