It's just a (hacker news) bubble you're living in

If you think that the average developer salary is 250k + stock options, you’re reading too much Hacker News. That’s not true. Also, the majority of people didn’t start their own companies and made millions of dollars before they were 30. Most of them are employed by someone else, just like you probably are. That’s fine.

Instagram Bubble

If you think that you should have a perfect face without any pimples, and you should have an ass without any cellulite, relax. It’s ok. Try to be as healthy as you can, but don’t obsess about it. That soul drenching algorithm thrives on perfect booties and perfect faces. The truth is - most of it is fake. One word - Photoshop.

Facebook Bubble

If you think that you have a small circle of friends, don’t worry. Having more than a thousand “friends” online means squat. It’s mostly people accepting requests to pimp up their number. They don’t even know what it means, they just like the number going up.